About Us


Who We are

 Libra6 is a small Family Office/ Private Equity with two main activities: • Advisory activity, including assisting companies with a demonstrable  need for equity capital. We work with companies that are late-stage  development, or high growth companies with strong and experienced  management teams and a unique and innovative service/product interested  in accessing funding through the Public market. • Investment in  specific industries, including Oil & Gas Industry; Chemicals &  Novel Materials; Alternative Technology; Media.  


Our Approach


 We  have an experienced team with a proven track record of principal  investing in late stage development companies and going public. We have  close relationships with key market
participants, an excellent reputation and a unique knowledge of international operations. 

We  have extensive and international knowledge of public structure and a  network of legal counsel and accountants, offering lower cost and faster  turnaround.
Libra6 is based in Reno, NV with a presence in Los Angeles CA and a satellite office in Shanghai 


Areas of Interest


 We actively encourage and seek early stage companies with breakthrough  technologies to contact us. 

We  have a very thorough process allowing us  to assist small private  entities. We primarily invest in private  companies committed to  becoming publicly traded and we facilitate the  process.
We also work with private companies in certain specific  industries: 

  • Chemicals & Oil; 
  • Cleantech & Alternative material,
  •   Media.
    We invest directly or syndicate investment with domestic & foreign capital.
    We participate in large infrastructure project abroad syndicating investment.