In the past few days we saw the announcement of VIMEO acquiring VHX. The on-demand online video platform is adding a subscription capability that could help it compete with larger players including Netflix and Amazon. VHX makes technology that allows publishers and individual creators to sell subscriptions to their work. The deal, for an undisclosed sum, will allow video creators who use Vimeo to charge a regular fee for their channels, rather than just sell or rent out individual videos to its 280m viewers. VIMEO enters the YOUTUBE space.

The same week HULU announced that it is preparing a cable-like digital service that would stream feeds of broadcast and cable TV channels, a direct competition with Netflix that is still embattled with the Major studios.

Hulu, a Santa Monica streaming service is planning to create a more full-bodied online rival to pay-TV providers that would stream entire broadcast and cable channels to consumers for a monthly fee. Hulu is a joint venture of major TV network owners 21st Century Fox, Walt Disney Co. and Comcast's NBCUniversal, is the latest media company to get into the “skinny bundle” business, which refers to the idea of creating slimmer TV packages with fewer channels that are cheaper than standard cable or satellite services.

YOUTUBE is struggling to get into the games with its YOUTUBE/RED although it remains the dominant players with Millennials and sub-millennials downloading an astounding 6 Billion hours of video a month, a number to spin the head of every executive in Hollywood. The Google-owned firm now accounts for 63 percent of all videos watched around the world, according to Nielsen, with close to no competition. However, competition is brewing….

In Asia, we can assist at the same race toward domination with Bilibili and more recently China's online video network Yooya that announced today they have signed twenty platform partners, reaching a milestone a year ahead of schedule. Yooya is now enjoying over 250 million video views each month.

We are far from YOUTUBE but with Tencent’s WeChat, Bilibili and Alibaba, be prepared the TV of the 21st century is changing and the winners will be the platforms offering the best quality content.

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