Basic Materials & Chemicals

Basic Materials & Chemicals

Libra6 is exploring pioneering company created to provide and combine innovative engineering & design solutions for 21st century new coming technologies. For instance advanced carbon and composites technology offers a large range of novel composites material solutions and assembly methods opening new frontiers in the whole design domain in strength, free form, light weight and durability.

Until recently, architects and builders across several industries have been limited in their designs by traditional materials – most commonly wood, steel and concrete. New viable solutions answer the demand for alternative materials to revolutionize products, structures allowing new forms in buildings construction. These new materials will replace traditional materials with advanced composite solutions or Fiber Reinforced Polymers.

These alternative materials incorporate nanopolymers allowing materials and technology to address the specific needs other industries such as aerospace and transportation where speed, shapes and weight need to answer the growing demand for new efficient and performant vehicles, vehicles that can float, fly or drive. All these industries are now converging toward the urge for using more advanced composite and carbon material that are answering this quest.

Aerospace and avionics: for the past 100 years has been a permanent search for speed, lightness and fatigue resistance to increase performance and life span.

Libra6 is investing in Companies offering solutions to the above challenges