The World is changing and it looks like the political systems we used to, is not adapted to this new demand.

Russian experiment with privatization and liberalism, tainted by the corruption of the Yeltsin era, was long ago abandoned in favor of an authoritarian state – one that average Russians seem to prefer if you see Mr. Putin favorable support in the mid 70%.

China’s Politburo trapped its middleclass into a controlled capitalism. The democratization the Bush administration believed would sweep the Middle East after the Iraq War and the Arab Spring never materialized. Sectarian conflict and some form of Islamic fascism seem instead to be more appealing. Erdogan in Turkey is applying the “Putin” doctrine’s rule of government and is less and less a Western ally and is moving away from Europe.

Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia: the term “democracy is being stripped of any sense opening the door in many cases to tyranny. Venezuelans are experiencing firsthand the effects of the disastrous “Chavez Revolution”. President Maduro is grasping to his throne when Venezuelans are protesting to access food in the richest oil country of South America…an appalling reality.

In Europe and North America, We The People has lost confidence in its own Institutions. It is not just the United States where a crisis of confidence in the capacity of the political class is brewing. In the American context both Republicans and Democrats are suffering the same distaste for the Political Establishment. Bernie Sanders is promoting a “revolution” and Donald Trump is calling on a return to an old vision “giving the power back to the People” supporting an outdated steel-and-coal economy.

In Europe, the same movements are occurring some are racists and xenophobic tainted of nationalism like France’s National Front, Austria’s Freedom Party, and the personality cult developing around Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. But you also have the intentionally vague policies proposed by new group closer to Romanticism like the M5s in Italy, Nuit Debout in France, Podemos in Spain. Their programs are all vague and designed to be subject to individual interpretation. They appeal to the marginalized, the fearful, and those who perceive themselves displaced by forces beyond their control, like the globalization that has accompanied the information age. It is this approach that has led to the success of these parties and individuals.

Greece is an interesting case as Prime Minister Xsipras, leader of Syriza a leftist movement, when facing the reality of governing and his own call for the new political “romanticism” decided to re-enter the traditional political system probably saving what is left of Greece and forcing out his half soul Minister of Finance Varoufakis.

In Asia the same movement is occurring. The same nationalistic populism/21st century version of political “romanticism” is also present.

In the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte was elected President. He is said to be “the Donald Trump of the Philippines,”

In China, according to Andrew Browne (Wall Street Journal) the rise of a movement of “neo-Maoists,” calling for a new Cultural Revolution and against whom the Chinese Communist Party’s leaders are struggling for control. This is a dangerous movement as it happens in the largest country in the world growing and clearly seeking world domination.
President XI and his administration have no choice but to demonstrate strength and endorse aggressive behavior with warships patrolling the South China Sea, and warplanes in East China. Browne wrote.
Would it be enough when the cooling Chinese economy faces recession and inequality call for reforms.

The question is:
Will the new 21st century Populism a wave that will fade into a gasp of a new romanticism or will it resonate with a new world armed conflict that could bring a new Dark Age….