It has been a lot of discussion and writing about Chinese investment in Hollywood. So far the results may not seem as great as the articles have been reporting but there is no question that China is now a major player in the Media & Entertainment industry and China is here to stay.

US companies need to adapt and respect the Chinese way of doing business. When Asia meets the West it is two different philosophies, two different approaches, two different civilizations and perspectives that differ including time perspective.

In the USA Wall Street has rotted our vision of economics and companies are fighting for next quarter results. The concept that you can adopt a longer - hundred years - perspective seems laughable and cannot be comprehend by our 2015 “Golden Boys”. Well, if you take a 100 years perspective then you might be able to understand better what has happened in business and in Hollywood over the past five years.

As recently related in the LA Times in an article written by Richard Verrier “For Hollywood, the road to China is littered with broken deals: A lot of deals were reported as being a failure and US companies being sorry but the reality remains that China is becoming a mammoth and Hollywood has an opportunity to play a role. Chinese wants features films for its audience and is seeking the support of Hollywood but Hollywood is seeking Chinese money for its domestic market. The issue becomes how can we mix both and have all party satisfied?

This is the new frontier to improve Chinese-US relations in Hollywood. Both can bring a lot to each other and there are solutions. Let’s develop a path to mutual satisfaction and try to better understand each other.