Libra6 is a small Family Office/ Private Equity/Hedge Fund with two main activities:
• Advisory activity, including assisting companies with a demonstrable need for equity capital. We work with companies that are late-stage development, or high growth companies with strong and experienced management teams and a unique and innovative service/product interested in accessing funding through the Public market.
• Investment in specific industries, including Oil & Gas Industry; Chemicals & Novel Materials; Alternative Technology and Energy; Media.

What We Do

Libra6 provides capital from $1,000,000 to $100.0 million and takes an equity position. Libra6 assists the companies to execute on its operating plan. Libra6 assists in raising funds through our proprietary investor network between $1,000,000 and $200.0 million in additional equity or raising senior and subordinated debt. * Libra6 assists companies interested in going through the public market especially using the more recent Regulation A and its process.

Our Competitive Advantage

We have an experienced team with a proven track record of principal investing in late
stage development companies and going public. We have close relationships with key market
participants, an excellent reputation and a unique knowledge of international operations. We have
extensive and international knowledge of public structure and a network of legal counsel
and accountants, offering lower cost and faster turnaround.
Libra6 is based in Los Angeles, CA with a satellite office in Shanghai

*For all securities Offering Libra6 is affiliated with Investment banks all FINRA & SIPC members.